More than accounting!

I am Éva Hochschonerné Strasszer,

owner and manager of SHS Kft.

I studied as a German Kindergarten Educator, and for 7 years I was the chief educator of the kindergarten in Mágocs. After finishing my BA diploma, I also graduated as a Certified Accountant, and as a Social Security and Payroll manager.

18 éve dolgozom az SHS KFT-ben. Családommal Nagykozárban élek, férjemmel 5 gyereket neveltünk fel. Második lányunk Ági helyezkedett el a cégünkben. Férjével Kozármislenyben él, jelenleg ő a pécsi irodánk vezetője. Az SHS KFT-ben 30 kollégával dolgozom együtt. Fő célom a kollégák megtartása mellett olyan ügyfélkiszolgálás, amilyent rajtunk kívül egy iroda sem tud nyújtani.

We are proud to provide a family-friendly environment for our colleagues where they can feel safe, and also where they can have the opportunity to study and relax. We have won the Family Friendly Workplace title 5 times

Serving and respecting our customers is crucial to us, but we also expect the same from them. We will find the most optimal corporate and tax form for our clients. We are providing support from the background without any distractions to our clients. Our wide-spread network of contractors helps us provide a service without any unsolvable obstacles. Many of our original customers have stuck with us since the beginning, thanks to the quality of our services. After our successful office in Mágocs, we opened our new office in 2012 in Pécs, since then we have 10 employees working there. Opening the office was the idea of my father, Jakab Strasszer, who was the founder of the whole company. It has been proved that we opened the office in Pécs at the right time since our good reputation has been growing ever since. SHS Kft. is really more than just accounting.